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About Us

The New Zealand Fiji Families Wellbeing Trust has been established with the intention to support our people of Fiji.

Our Story

The Trust is a Hub (a Home) for the people of Fiji. It is a place where guidance and resources are provided without judgment and prejudice. We are here to equip people with resources when dealing with family issues, and personal or financial situations, to name a few. Our aim is to direct you to a solution.  


We are the people of Fiji, helping families and the people of Fiji descent. Rather than sending funds overseas, we are here to help our people in New Zealand.  


Whilst things are/were difficult in Fiji, people who have chosen NZ as their new home are also having new challenges and are also struggling. The difference is that people in NZ, originating from Fiji, do not get any help. We believe we must start with our backyard.


A copy of our Trust Deed and Constitution with our aim and wider focus on outcomes can be found on the New Zealand Charities register.

Meet The Team

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